About Jenna

Jenna Gee was born and raised in the panhandle of Texas. Jenna spent much of her childhood on the farm with her grandparents, where her days were filled exploring the wild Texas plains and her nights were spent listening to her my grandmother weave magical stories.

When Jenna was old enough, her mother introduced her to books. She loved to read about people in faraway lands and was a huge fan of King Arthur and his knights. In her senior year, she took an advanced English class and discovered that she loved to write as much as she loved to read.

After graduating with her bachelors degree, Jenna established herself as an expert in the training profession and has written every kind of training course possible from job skills to soft skills.

Her next big venture…writing short stories and novels, under the Mystery/Thriller genre.

Jenna writes stories about the unlikely hero or heroine, about people and their journeys through life. The characters in her stories are people who find themselves in unusual situations.

Jenna loves traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning about new and different cultures. She still loves to read and is a huge movie buff, especially movies with strong characters and story lines. Jenna loves listening to music, especially classical music when she’s writing.

Jenna currently lives in Dallas, where she is working on her next project.


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