2013 NaNo WriMo: Day 25

Only 5 days of November remaining and I am up to 43,886 words. A little less than 7,000 words to go. Only one more hurdle to overcome. Thanksgiving. 

Will it be possible to cook and write at the same time? I definitely know I can eat and write at the same time.

I’m gonna gobble, gobble up those 7,000 words.

2013 NaNo WriMo Day 6

Wrimos! How’s your first full week of National Novel Writing Month going? Many of you have plunged in and swum far, with word-counts rising in your wake. But some of you may still be on the seashore, or have just begun to wade in.

Swimmers! Got a great tip, or piece of encouragement for the writer who’s just beginning to dive into the waters toward 50K?

(Also, there’s no better time to stockpile words than during our all-day writing marathon this Saturday, November 9! No word count will be left behind.)