How Quickly the Time Has Flown

Time Flys

I am feeling the pressure of not having enough time to do everything that I want to do or everything that is important to me.

It is this anxious state of mind that keeps me from concentrating on whatever I am doing. There is always something more important than what I am doing right now. I find myself sitting in on a conference call, answering emails, and trying to have a conversation with the person sitting at my desk. So, rather than full engaging in the conference call and being a “participant,” I become a ‘bystander.” Even when I am reading a book or watching a movie, my mind does not shut off.

It comes from being an overachiever. In an effort to be successful, I fill my calendar with meetings and spend the whole day perusing my tasks list. I am constantly doing whatever it takes to get me where I think I need to go.

We are meant to enjoy our life and use it in a meaningful way. A meaningful life is not determined by the speed with which we live or the number of accomplishments that we have. If we are always going at top speed trying to get what we want, we will always be exhausted. We will never find what we are really looking for, which is our own contentment.

Mastering our life comes from the ability to be content with life as it unfolds. The first step is recognizing that we can be happy and at peace. Wanting to be anywhere but where we are or doing anything but what we are doing, are unnecessary moves that throw us off-balance. We can develop patience. We can slow down.

I want to slow down. I want to live each moment as if it were my last.

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