Three B’s of Change

Become Aware

Before any change can happen, I had to be aware that the change was needed. I want to repeat that I had to be aware, not my family, not my friends, not my boss. ME! The good news for you is that if you are reading this, then something inside of you is longing for something different.


Be Willing to Change

Just because I knew I needed a change didn’t mean that the change was automatically going to happen. I had to want to change. Why?!? Because if I tried to change because everyone else thought I should and not because I thought I should, the changes didn’t last. Only when I really wanted my life to be different and searched for solutions that worked for me was I able to make lasting change.


Build a Support System

Okay, for me, this was the hardest step because I spent most of my life being self-sufficient. So, it was extremely difficult to ask for help. The first time I went to a therapist was like climbing Mount Everest. I was light-headed and short of the breath the entire time. But slowly, over time, not only did I continue counseling but I build a strong support system. Sometimes I revert to my old ways of not asking for help, but whenever I do, they are always right there.

Family, friends, prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, writing, singing, dancing. All these things were my anchors and helped me to be present and feel when times got tough.